Outpost: Art From the Streets @ Cockatoo Island

More on my street art obsession.

Outpost is a peculiar festival because it’s like state sanctioned street art, and doesn’t that defy the whole point of its rebelliousness just a little bit? That being said there are so many amazing artists contributing that it doesn’t really matter in the long run. In fact maybe it’s indicative of where street art is heading. Though in that case, we should probably think of a better name for the genre.

Special mentions go to Secret Wars Champ Houl who’s not only a buddy of mine but also extremely talented (no bias, I swear!), and Vexta and Deb, two doyennes of the the urban art scene in Sydney who we’ve been lucky enough to score for Global Gallery’s ARTLAB Studio Project over summer. Can’t wait to see what amazing things will be created.

Outpost closes Sunday Dec 11 (so don’t miss it!)